Are you tired of the traditional bulky grilles and looking for a grille to fit into the modern concept of interior design. Look no further with Le Home Concept’s Invisible Grille. Your one-stop solution to a much safer and secure house. Thus far we have installed more than 10,000 units island-wide. Moreover, we have taken more projects than any other organisation specialising in Invisible Grille. When you think of safety, you think of Le Home.

Constructed from 2.0 mm diameter 316 stainless steel cables, Le Home Concept’s Invisible Grille are capable of supporting tensile impact up to 400 kg. Our invisible grilles are able to keep your children and pets out of harm’s way, without compromising on your view!

It is available in various type: Fixed Frame, Casement, Sliding and Bi-Fold Grille. Moreover, we are able to customise and build a roof to support the invisible grilles if it doesn’t have a roof.

Balcony | Bedroom Window

Casement | Sliding | Bi-fold

Railing | Others

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