Family Photo Contest

Attention all customers who have purchased our products, we are giving away $388 cash prize and prizes.


Here is how:

First step – Like us on Facebook & Instagram.

Second step – Take a picture with your family members with our product and share with us your experience and post it in our comments box below our Family Photo Contest Facebook Post.

Third step –  Get your family members and friends to like your post to increase your chances of winning.

The Top three contestant who have followed the steps, abide by our T&C and garnered the most “likes” WINS!

1st Prize -$388 Cash

2nd Prize – Microwave Oven

3rd Prize – Air Fryer

Contest starts from 31/10/17 at 9am and closes on 31/12/17 at 9am.

Winners would be announced on our Facebook page on 05/01/18 at 3pm.

Hurry and Be Active!!! Share this exciting news with your friends and family.

Terms and conditions

  1. You must be our customer, hence the invoice generated in the past must match your personal details.
  2. You can take part in the contest as long your product is installed before the end of the contest date.
  3. You are only required to start and stop promoting your post within the specified time frame.
  4. All steps must be completed.
  5. Cheating, offensive language or content would mean automatic disqualification.

Group Buy Event (04/11/17)

Bulk Purchase (12/08/17)